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Can the Fuse Program function as an internship for college credit? 

The Fuse Program is not currently accredited through any universities. However, if your college offers the option of an internship for credit, and the Fuse Program is approved through your school, our team will provide the necessary facilitation/signatures for college credit to be achieved. 


What is the housing like? 

Fuse team live in apartment-style condo – 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartments for eight.


How do meals work?

Solid Rock provides a meal plan for students. Whenever our kitchen is serving a retreat group, Fuse team members are welcome to join that group. When there is not a group on property, Fuse team members will provide food for themselves.


What does a typical week look like?

In the world of camp ministry, there is no typical week. Interns schedules revolve around our guest groups. A week will consist of these elements: Teaching/development sessions, serving guest groups, working in different capacities with our full-time staff, general leadership opportunities, and Bible study.


What is the cost of conferences and outings?

There is no cost! All of your outings and conferences are covered by Solid Rock as a part of the Fuse program. 


Do I have to be a former Solid Rock camper or summer staffer in order to apply?

No! Whether you are a high school graduate, college graduate, taking online classes, or just want to take a year off from classes, you can apply for Fuse. No Solid Rock experience is required.

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