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What is Fuse?

Fuse is a customized Christian ministry program designed for young adults between the ages of 18-25

  • Live in a community with people living out the story of God

  • Walk through a personalized spiritual growth plan

  • Pursue personalized goals with support from our Solid Rock staff

  • Serve Solid Rock and the community 

  • Develop ministry connections

  • Continue your education online

To inspire and equip this generation to Fuse their story with the story of God

Our Mission

Fuse students will leave the program conformed more into the image of Jesus Christ

Our Vision



I came to Solid Rock looking for a place to live outside of my parent's house. What I found was much more valuable. I found a staff hungry for building a house, or in this case, a camp unto the Lord. Before I even started working, I found the presence of the Lord. I didn't know what it was at the time, but I sensed Him. I eventually became hungry for more. What I hope people find at Solid Rock Ministries is a Holy Spirit filled life as well as learning to hear His voice, just as I had in that season. I also found a loving community one that constantly knocks on your door, keeping fun a top priority. God has allowed His love to flow through all types of people at the camp. This being said, my favorite thing about the camp, other than finding His presence, of course, would have to be meeting the thousands of people that came through. Engaging with others is my favorite thing to do, especially when I get to hear their stories, learn from them, and grow a connection that could last an eternity. I ask that if you are looking to work, volunteer, or to be a fuse student, be mindful of the hard work that you do, encounter Him daily, and do not forget who you are doing it for. If you do it for man, you will get burned out, but if you do it for the Lord above, it will forever be worth it.

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