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Summer Missionary Team

If you are interested but would like more information before applying, please contact AnnaKate.
Phone: 254-647-3219




I have served 3 summers at Solid Rock and not one day went by without the Lord moving in great ways. The Lord not only used me in incredible ways but he taught me so much about himself and drew me near to his heart. Solid Rock is the place where the Lord laid his calling upon my life and affirmed it with the astounding Christian community that I call family at Solid Rock. For me, Solid Rock was a place where I got to grow and encourage children to grow in their relationship with the Lord, which is ultimately the most important relationship they will ever enter into. Every year the same kids come back to familiar faces each year and they are known by name. These children are so eager to learn more about God. Because the teaching goes deeper than the surface, these kids get to learn what it means to live out being a Christian in their everyday lives. I love Solid Rock with all of my heart and cannot wait to see the incredible ways the Lord will continue to use Solid Rock. 

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